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The Rainey Day College Foundation Inc., is proud to cover college students during their time of need. The number 1 mission is to finish, but students experience rainey days and hardships. As long as funding permits, we provide that extra support to help them through the storm. 

Our Rainey Day Fund is specifically designed to prevent students from leaving school due to unforeseen financial hardships. Some students are unable to call home for support, but with the help of our donors, we can provide that relief for smaller expenses. Grants are subject to need and availability of funding.

At the Rainey Day College Foundation, we send College Care packages to college students as another way to support them while away at school. Boxes can be sent one-time, monthly during the school year, or paired with our scholarships.

Continue browsing our website to donate to these causes and more, including our Scholarship Programs. Each year, the Rainey Day College Foundation offers an average of 10 scholarships to deserving students.

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