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The Rainey Day College Foundation, Inc., encourages our supporters to give the gift of education by funding and investing in a scholarship for a deserving student. You will be funding the support of our youth towards their educational goals, skills, knowledge, and achievement which will have a positive impact on their community.


With your support, we can seal the cracks that a lot of our youth fall through because of financial stress and anxiety over college debt.

Scholarships can be career-specific to help educate the next generation of industry professionals. Our team will work with you to develop the criteria for your scholarship along with the demographic, amount and payout schedule. Your sponsored scholarships award amount is determined by you.

The Rainey Day College Foundation, Inc., charges a 15% service fee for development and marketing.

All sponsored scholarships will be named after the donor(s) or a name of their choosing. Funding must be received before an application is opened to students on our website. Scholarships can be offered for a 1 time award or recurring annually. The minimum scholarship amount is $250. Lower amounts will be accepted as a donation to our scholarship program.

Deadline to sponsor a scholarship for the 2024-2025 school year is May 1, 2024.

Email us at: for questions.

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