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The Rainey Day College Foundation is a nonprofit educational service organization providing resources, mentoring and financial support, where applicable, to college students, to bridge the needs gap from enrollment to graduation.


Every young adult entering college will have moments or stretches of time where they face a rainy day, i.e., funds are very limited, scarce or simply not available.


It’s the Rainey Day College Foundation’s organizational responsibility to cover the cracks our young adults fall through from no access to funds/support.

The Rainey Day College Foundation platform will serve as a tool by supporting our young adults as they embark on their higher education journey. 


Our mission is to cover the cracks for college students enrolled in a two or four year institutions, who face challenges during their time in school, i.e. money for books, tuition, food insecurities, transportation costs and toiletries.

By providing young adults with financial support, mentoring and encouragement, this will empower them to persist and afford them a better chance at a successful completion.


We are the people we needed when we were younger. Many of us are first generation college students that did not always receive the support needed to navigate the challenging world of post-secondary education.


Our team also consists of successful people who benefited from the value of having a strong support system and are dedicated to paying that support forward.


Support can mean the difference between a student completing their college degree or dropping out. We want to do all we can to prevent that from happening.


Rainey Day College Foundation understands that help is not always classified as a financial need. Our foundation not only offers scholarships and grants for items needed during school terms, but also mentoring and support before and during college. 

We believe that we can change communities one student at a time.

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